About Me

I’m Ryan Tsamouris. The T is silent (sa-more-iss), it’s Greek. I like to write about technology for the most part, but lately I have been diving into local government and community organizations such as school boards, municipal districts, and HOAs.

On these posts you will see I am more than likely writing these for myself, trying to get my thoughts in order to better understand why things are the way they are. After all, writing is thinking.

Unfortunately, I prefer to deep dive topics. My posts are usually long and cumbersome, but in them I hope we can all learn together.

I also write about technology at Tsam Tech.

Check out my professional resume on LinkedIn.

Here are the current topics I am drafting (in no particular order):

  • Adding Context to Recent Book Removals in Conroe ISD

  • Community Collaborative Day 1

  • School Finance for Dummies

  • Why Teachers have Amazon Wish Lists

  • Blocking Social Media in Public Schools

  • Writing a Teacher of the Year Essay

  • Understanding Fiduciary Duty for Board Members

  • Social & Emotional Learning, a Deep-Dive

  • Private LTE for Public Schools, a Use-Case

  • Finding Room for Board Alignment

  • Architecture Review: Finding the Best Process for Homeowners

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I write about HOAs, school districts, municipalities, and other non-interesting topics to put you to sleep at night. My latest focus is around Conroe ISD. I also write about technology from time to time at https://tsamtech.substack.com.